Louisa runs her first marathon

Not only is Louisa a very talented architect she is also a very keen sportswoman and on Sunday 9th April completed her first marathon in Brighton. Her entry fee to the Brighton Marathon was a present to herself upon becoming a fully fledged architect in 2016 and she has spent the last year training.

Louisa at Brighton Marathon

This photo is Louisa before the race but we won’t publish one taken afterwards but can let you imagine how she might have looked after completing the 26.2 mile course in searing heat and bright sunshine! She completed the race in 3hours 43 mins and 52 seconds. It’s a brilliant result and means she is able to apply for a ‘good for age’ place at the London Marathon in 2018. Before that she will be running her next marathon in Edinburgh, in May but is giving herself a couple of weeks rest before commencing her training again!

Louisa ran the Brighton Marathon for the wonderful Pilgrims Hospices and raised over £500.  Pilgrims Hospices is also one of the organisations that can benefit from the Spacemaker consultation scheme.

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