New House in Boughton under Blean

We met our clients for this job, at a ‘thank you’ party for fundraisers for Pilgrims Hospices, an amazing charity which provides end of life care and support for patients and their families across East Kent and is one of the beneficiaries of our charity consultation scheme. Our clients had a dream to build a new house on a scrubby piece of land with some derelict pig sties on the edge of Boughton.

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 Not the most obviously aspirational site, except the view to the northeast looks like this.

You can see across the adjoining fruit orchards to Whitstable and on a clear day as far as the windfarm off Herne Bay.

The site was outside the the ‘settlement boundary’ for Boughton and initially planners were strongly opposed to our proposal. However we won them over and in the end they concluded that, “In this case I therefore consider that given the limited impact of the proposal on the surrounding countryside, due to the sensitively designed building and its limited visibility, its accessible location to nearby transport links and services and with the proposal itself being of a design, size and bulk to be acceptable in this location I consider on balance that I should recommend planning approval for the proposal.

Click on the image to access a stereo panorama of the proposed kitchen.

The building is currently on site with completion anticipated in time for Christmas 2020.

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