Architects based in Whitstable in East Kent

It’s not easy working out how to create more space by yourself and you might be considering using an architect but are unsure how architects work and how much this will cost. For this reason we offer a charity consultation scheme; for your £40 donation to one of our *favourite charities we will meet you for an hour for an initial consultation at your home.

The following is an outline of how we work to help you create the best possible space in your home or maybe to help you build a new house – we love designing a house from scratch!

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation

At the initial consultation you can tell us what you want from your home; what works for you and what doesn’t, what you want to change and why. We’ll explore your ideas and share some alternatives that perhaps you hadn’t thought of.

We hope you will want to work with us but there is no obligation for you to proceed after this initial meeting; you will have some new ideas and a local charity will £40 better off.

If you do wish to proceed we’ll write to you with a summary of what we discussed and provide a fixed price to create a 3D computer model of your home, including the proposed alterations.

Stage 2 – Concept Design

We’ll walk through the computer model with you. It allows you to walk through your new home in a virtual world so we can adjust the design to make it just how you want it when it gets turned into reality. It’s worth taking the time at this stage to get the scheme just how you want it.

Click on the image to access a panoramic view

At the end of this stage we will have a clear idea of the scope of the project and we can give you a fixed price for each of our remaining work stages and an idea of the cost for building work.

Stage 3 – Planning Permission

Now you’ve worked out what you want we can prepare a planning application and submit it to the local council to approve how your project will look. We’ve plenty of experience in dealing with planning issues, so we can make sure we’ve minimised the risks and made it easy for the council to approve your new home. Sometimes we can tailor an extension so that we don’t need planning permission but we think you should get what you want rather than limit your ambition to avoid a planning application.

Stage 4 – Building Regulations

Almost all new building work requires Building Regulations approval. This is a technical exercise so there is always a viable solution. It’s also the stage where we build in eco-friendly elements so that you can be sure your proposal will address the climate crisis.

Stage 5 – Producing the Tender document

This is where we work with you to get the nitty gritty right. We document all of the detail elements in the project (from the taps on the basin to the type of steel ties in the brick cavity walls) so we can tell the builder exactly what you want and where and how you want them. We’ll invite builders we’ve worked with before to tender or else provide the tender package to a builder that you trust and want to work with.

Stage 6 – Construction

We help you select the right type of contract to protect you; and we then make sure the builder works within the contract and delivers your project in accordance with the designs you’ve agreed with us.

Stage 7 – Handover

At last, it’s yours. Sometimes snags can appear after the builder has handed over your new home and we document these, work out what needs to be done to put them right and get the builder to come back and fix them at the end of the contractual defect’s liability period. Only once the snags are fixed do you pay the contractor his final account.

We hope you like the sound of the way we work and look forward to meeting you for an initial consultation in your home.

Call Adam or Ben on 01227 277831 or email

* Our favourite charities doing good things based in East Kent are; Porchlight in Canterbury, Beach Creative in Herne Bay, The Horsebridge Arts & Community Centre and the Umbrella Centre and Umbrella Community Café in Whitstable, Pilgrims Hospices , RNLI Whitstable and Kent Refugee Action Network. You choose!

Since we started this scheme five years ago over £11,000 has been donated to these organisations by our potential clients (as at March 2021).

You can see some of our work on the Latest Projects page.

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